Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Introduction- Ebenezer

I've been intending to post to this blog for a while now, but simple intentions don't get the job done. :) Here's the post I worked on about a month ago when I was at the Focus Leadership Institute- just my thoughts on this blog and what I hope that it will be.

"Starting a blog is a subject that has been repeatedly brought up among my friends and me and quite a few of my friends have begun blogs post-graduation. After our women’s retreat at Glen Eyrie a few weekends ago concerning the concepts of an Ebenezer, I felt like God was gently telling me that a blog can be an Ebenezer. It’s a concept that I have chewed on for quite a while, turning it over and over in my head. Finally, I asked God, “Should I start a blog?” His response? A gentle whisper of “Proclaim my Word.”

What is an Ebenezer? Here’s an excerpt of the Sunday Summary that I sent out about it:
On Saturday, we had a women’s retreat at Glen Eyrie, a beautiful castle by Garden of the Gods. The theme of the retreat was “Ebenezer—thus far has the Lord brought us.” Introduced in 1 Samuel 7, “Ebenezer” is a term for something that reminds us of what the Lord has done in our lives and of the faithfulness that He has shown. So often, we forget God’s faithfulness in our lives. I know that I do. We need “Ebenezers” to remind us of how God has worked in faithfulness and mercy towards us. At the retreat, we spent time reflecting on the Ebenezers in our lives and sharing them with one another. There were amazing stories of God’s faithfulness in tough times! I would encourage you all this week to reflect on your Ebenezers. What are some things that remind you of the faithfulness of God and how can you better remember God’s faithfulness when times get tough? Celebrate the times in which God has revealed to you His loving character and remember who He is!"

So, that's my hope for this blog, that it will help us to remember God as we go through life.


  1. Sounds good to me, Lindsay! I look forward to reading more.

  2. Lindsay, you are such an encourager! :) The Lord has used your words many times to lift my Spirits and to draw me closer to Him.
    Thanks, friend.

  3. great reminder Lindsay. It just came to my mind the name Ebenezer Scrooge is an oxymoron. Never thought of that before. I want to go read that book now or find the movie. :-) It's hard to remember those Evenezers from God, but they're there. Thanks Lindsay!