Friday, January 22, 2016

Lindsay, 28, Northwest Arkansas

Written by Lindsay’s friend Hannah:

(Meet Lindsay)

Lindsay and I have been good friends for about 5 years - she's one of my favorites. Lindsay is one of the most faithful friends you can have, but don't be fooled, this sweet gal is as mischievous as they come! She once "foiled" an entire dorm room!

(She likes to find new ways to do things…)

Lindsay has a B.S in Biochemistry and a Graduate degree in Leadership and Higher Education. Her love of science and people intersects perfectly in the art of baking. She has high standards when it comes to chocolate chip cookies! She loves to experiment in the kitchen and find ways to improve a recipe. Basically she's Alton Brown, but much cuter.

(Erica, Lindsay, and Hannah… and homemade pizza)

One of the things I admire about Lindsay is that she knows how to celebrate people well. She’s the friend who remembers your birthday and plans something meaningful. And also she is the friend who will encourage you to be your best. She is someone I would go to for advice - she has strong values and will be honest with you. She comes from a close family and loves spending time with her nieces and nephew. She loves being an aunt and always has a new story about the kiddos' antics.

(Lindsay's mom, Lindsay, and her sister)

Things you should know about Lindsay:
• Family and Faith in Jesus are truly the most important things
• She will kick your butt in a pillow fight
• She loves to dance - and she’s good at it
• It’s quite likely that she will convince you to run a 5K
• She works as a Project Manager for a laboratory
• Her favorite books include Ben-Hur, The Man Who Loved Clowns, and just about any cookbook
• Her passions include working with kids who have special needs in her church and teaching students at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)

(Lindsay tackled her second half marathon with her mom last November!)

Seriously, you need to meet this lady! There's is so much more I could say about this wonderful woman, if you'd like to know her better - leave a comment with your contact info!

(Lindsay’s favorite ride at Cedar Point, the Millennium Force!)

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