Friday, January 22, 2016

Hannah, 27, Northwest Arkansas

Written by Hannah’s friend Lindsay:

I’d like to introduce you to my dear friend, Hannah!

(This is Hannah. She loves to explore new places!)

 If I had to describe her in a word, I’d say she’s an adventurer. Not in the sense of seeking out danger (though she has been skydiving before), but in the sense that she approaches life as an unfolding adventure meant to be discovered, explored, and enjoyed. Her favorite place is outside. She loves hiking, camping, gardening, and she’s always up for a trip to the river!

(Hannah’s fall crown!)

 Hannah loves to work with her hands. Case in point, she needed a new bookcase a while back, rather than buying one, she built one. It’s a pretty nice looking bookcase too! She thrives on the challenge of figuring out what to build next with her growing power tool collection. She’s built an arbor and shelves and has proven herself to be quite the handywoman!

 Now before you start thinking of Hannah as a carpenter, let me tell you what she does. She’s a graphic designer with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Illustration. Her creativity and love of all things color shine through in her work. With this background, it makes sense that she is fascinated with color theory.

(Hannah at a swing dance conference)

 Hannah enjoys dancing (swing, especially!) and listening to NPR. If you catch her at a random time, she’ll most likely be drinking tea or a chai latte with a good book or planning her next adventure. She loves to visit new places. She’s explored Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Ecuador, and Canada. She hopes to go to Ireland, New York, Yellowstone, and New England someday.

(Hannah in Canada)

 I have been blessed to have Hannah as my friend. She has challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, join her on adventures, and enjoy the life that we have been given. I admire the passion that she has for life and for meeting all kinds of people. Hannah is dependable, eager to learn, and values authentic community. I’ve had the blessing of experiencing authentic community with her and I am better for it! You could be too!

(Hannah celebrating with her sister)

 This is only a small snapshot of my dear friend. If you would be interested in getting to know Hannah yourself (I highly support this interest!), please leave a comment with your contact information.

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